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Story of My Life

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Azara Thompson

September 2nd, 2012

Improved writing 2300

I am a person. A person who wants nothing more out of life than to just be happy; happy with my life, my career, and more importantly, happy with myself. I am Azara LaStarr Thompson and everyday is a new journey to find out what my purpose is and who I am.

What's my purpose? My purpose compared to others might be considered very small. I'm not trying to conquer the world, be president, a queen or anything of that nature, I'm just a girl trying to be happy. According to the bible (Genesis.2:15) my purpose in life was to take care of the earth for God. If I could judge myself on that, I would say that I do a pretty nice job of keeping God's earth clean. I don't litter, comically speaking of course. My purpose in life is to be well rounded and a good-intentioned, worthwhile and honest human being. Searching and capturing the truth and repulsing the nonsensical. My purpose is to accumulate new knowledge while sharing some of my own.

Who am I? I am Azara, a nineteen year old pre-med student dying to be successful. I don't focus my life around trying to fully know and understand who I am. My being isn't fixed nor mapped out, therefore every day I live on is an effort to truly find out and search through the complexity of who I actually am. Although recognizing who I am now is very important, I'd much rather focus on who I am becoming.

My purpose has nothing to do with my job or my responsibilities. My purpose is wrapped around my existence, why am I on earth and why did I come on this earth the person that I am? Those questions are so complex and deep that I still haven't come up with an answer. I look for the answers in my dreams; I ask for the answers in my prayers. I suppose eventually I will learn what my purpose on this earth is and who I am, for now will continue to pray on, think on and just wait.



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