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A Personal Understanding on Stress, Stressor, and the Scales

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Essay Preview: A Personal Understanding on Stress, Stressor, and the Scales

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A personal understanding on Stress, Stressor, and the scales

The term stress is so common in our daily that is a part of our daily routine. Regardless of profession, social status or any of the demographics differences among people, stress remains a very common phenomenon. Stress can be of different altitude but it is hard to avoid in our daily life. When I read the chapter, and about the difficulties in properly defining stress, I was surprised in the beginning about the ambiguity but soon it became clear when I myself tried to define stress. It is very tough to really express it the way one really feels about this. It is very easy to say, "I am stressed out" but not easy to explain what is really going on internally.

I try to live a care free and easy life and thus my scores on all the three scales were on the lower quantum. So I think the scales reflected my stress levels quiet accurately. I think the combination of life changes scaling and the time stress scaling reflected my stress levels most accurately.

As I go through my life I see that most of stresses are concentrated on family related issues like my relation with my parents, siblings, and so on. Normally I am not very stressed but at times I feel insecure. I am also very easy going and helpful so at times I am overloaded with family burden like being asked to look after my nephew when I really do not have the time. I feel stressed and anger at the same time when the family does not understand that I am student and I do not have time. I am also a married person so at times I feel stressed balancing my studies work and conjugal responsibilities.

While dealing the scales I felt that if the scales could address the family issues a little in depth then that might have been more appropriate such as the relation responsibilities and the issues that pop out form the situation of a joint family.

When I am faced with the biggest stressors of my life, which are mostly family related as I have explained before, I feel discomfort. I lose my composure and start doing silly mistakes that worsens the situation. I feel lack of confidence which in turn degrades my self esteem. I do not know what to do and get very easily confused. I start forgetting staff and very easily get frustrated.



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