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Personal like - Bed

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I would consider my bed my sacred place one hundred percent. My bed is where I find peace. It is where I rejuvenate myself and can clear my head. It gives me a quiet, cozy place to think and reflect on anything and everything. My bed is always there and never fails to give me a warm place to cuddle. When I'm upset I find myself going to my room and laying down. Here I can calm myself down and become in a mental state that I can deal with what is at hand. My bed revives me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Lucky for me, I have two beds since I have two houses. I can honestly say that I love both of my beds the same, and they both give me the same effect. I consider my bed to be sacred because it is something I can all my own. I visit it every night and most days after school for a little TLC. A bed is a special place to go to where you can let go, release all the tension from the day and finally relax. I like to do homework in my bed, watch TV, read, and paint my nails. I actually love doing just about anything in my bed, but the previous just gave a couple examples. My bed has served as an important spot for me in my lifetime as it has been the only thing able to comfort me at times. It has been the only one around to wipe my tears and keep my feeling cozy. A lot of serious talks have gone on while sitting or laying on that bed, and a lot of feelings have been shared there too. My beds holds a lot of memories. It is where I stuff my journal so that no one can find it. So, I guess you could say that my bed holds secrets for me as well. It releases my mind and my bodily tension, what more could you ask for?



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