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A Pill That Kills

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A Pill That Kills

"I noticed that all of the people who support abortions are those who are already born."-Ronald Regan. Abortion pills, previously known as RU-486 and now known as Mifepristone, were invented in 1980 by a chemist named Georges Teutsch. An abortion pill is a medication that terminates an early pregnancy in three steps. The pill can be used up to sixty-three days after the first day of the females last menstrual. If the female waits any longer than nine weeks of their pregnancy then they would have to go through the procedure of an in-clinic abortion. When females take the abortion pill there are pros and cons of their reasoning, which can change a persons life.

There are three steps when taking the abortion pill. First, you will receive the Mifepristone in the clinic. Mifepristone blocks the hormone progesterone. Without progesterone, the pregnancy will be ended because the lining of the uterus breaks down. In the next step you will be given a second pill to take at home called Misoprostol, which empties the uterus. This pill will be taken between a day and three days after taking the first pill. After taking the Misoprostol pill you will most likely have heavy bleeding. You may even start to have blood clots up to the size of a baseball. Finally, you will need to go to the clinic within two weeks after taking the Misoprostol for a follow-up. During the visit you will be run through some test to make sure the abortion is complete and that everything is well. If the procedure did not follow through then you might be given more Misoprostol to remove the remaining tissue or you might have to have a surgical abortion.

There are many reasons why females think it is relevant to them to take an abortion pill. These reasons are called pros. One reason might be that the female was sexually abuse and conceived a child by her perpetrator. She might not want to be reminded of what happened to her every time she sees the child; or she might not know how to tell the child who their father is when they are old enough to realize that their father is not around. Another reason might be that they are not financially ready to have a child. Many guys walk out of girl's lives when they find out they are pregnant, leaving them with no help, needing to support the child on their own, so they figure getting an abortion will get rid of all of the stress. Females also get abortions because they just are not ready to have a child. Some reasons being are probably because they are teen moms, too young to have a child, or maybe they just are not ready to give up the fun and parties to take care of a child.

On the other hand, there are many cons when taking the abortion pill. When females take the abortion pill they may contribute many health complications. One health complications they might receive is incomplete abortion, which is when part of the pregnancy is left inside of the uterus.



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