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Person Who Commits an Unlawful Killing to Another Human with Malice

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Essay Preview: Person Who Commits an Unlawful Killing to Another Human with Malice

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A murder is defined as "person who commits an unlawful killing to another human with malice". Its amazing how the people who commits these types of awful actions feel proud of what they did, and a simple kill suddenly turns into a serial killer, finishing with a lot of innocent lives just for the sake of it. The coldness and radicalness of their actions makes us rethink about where is their moral integrity and their compromise of keeping good relations with others.

Some of the crimes murderers commit are atrocious. Like killing and raping a little girl, cutting parts of people's bodies, removing people's faces, torture, above others. How can you forgive someone who err so wrong? The cruelty of their inhuman actions force us to stop seeing them as equals, after all I couldn't imagine my mother or a friend of mine doing this horrible things, someone who does something like this shouldn't be treated as one of us.

Imagine this, your daughter. Six years old. 4'9 feet height. Blonde. Just started school and one day you cant find her when you got pick her to school, you go crazy thinking every single place she might be, but you cant find her, and you wont, because 1 week later the police finds her body dumped in an alley. Forensics do their job, and find that she was raped and stabbed like 10 times. Having the scene analyzed they found some links that connect to other similar cases and the police start investigating. While they do that, you are left alone in your house, without that little sweet smile and voice you used to love so much.

The results of the investigation based on analysis profile of the murderer indicated he has been committing the same crimes for 5 years, non stop, but there was nothing that could connect the case until now. How can you forgive someone who did so wrong? I don't think at all, that he can seek for absolution. He had 1,825 days to readdress and he didn't, so why would he now? I find it absurd, and lamentably hopeless to expect something human from acts so animal-like.

Being totally vanished from the responsibility of doing something harmless I don't think it's ever possibly, because you can regret something that was exactly what you wanted at a certain point. No one would ever forget how you make someone else feel so you can never make up for the pain you caused. Its sad though, because you'd like to believe in redemption and absolution, but sometimes humans go beyond ways, making us confirm the theory that we're still not ready for the "happy endings" and a trustful sight. We shall live in distress and afraid, until we no longer experience awful crimes and learn to live accepting others.



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