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A Reflection on the Documentary Planet Earth Ii: Jungles

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Essay Preview: A Reflection on the Documentary Planet Earth Ii: Jungles

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When I was a kid, I have often thought of forests as frightening places where danger lurks at all times. Some fruits of my imagination included tree trunks with scary faces, and the oh-so-suddenly appearing baboy ramo. I had thought that the forests were limited to the same kinds of trees, and a few intimidating large animals until now.

I cannot stop myself from feeling awe about the great diversity in the rainforests. There were not only a variety of plants, but also different species of animals, fungi, and may be even organisms under other kingdoms. The forest seemed as a world in itself.

In the different levels of the forest, the beauty of overlapping sounds produced by the rustling of leaves, and by the calls of different animals, even the insects, could be heard. It was as if an orchestra played 24/7, changing the type of songs based on the time of day.

Just like in our society, the forest inhabitants also showcase themselves for purposes such as mating where they can be accepted or rejected. Even in this aspect, the rule “survival of the fittest” is already visible.

Relationships between organisms can also be observed in the forests, and through the years, evolution has resulted to an even more vast diversity of species. Preys and predators have also unceasingly undergone evolution maintaining a balance so that not one specie would dominate. There could even be battles between animals of the same species during the struggle for survival. This is one of the beauties of nature that I have started to appreciate while taking this course.

Plants, in all their glory, can be deemed as the great provider in the forests. They are the main sources of food and shelter for the inhabitants. Through them, regular rainfall is made possible rendering water, an essential to the inhabitants, available for consumption. Even the sad death of some plants, such as tree giants, could bring life to many other species. The forest can keep itself alive for a very long time, if not, forever.

However, what we humans are doing until the present day destroys the forest. It is as if we are destroying a world for our selfish ambitions. Humans are breaking the balance in nature, unaware of the destruction they have casted upon themselves.

Just like what we see in our communities, there are also families or individuals in the forests. They, too, struggle to survive. What would we do if there are others who are trying to destroy the place we live in? Surely, we would not only sit back and relax.



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