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World War II

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Essay Preview: World War II

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Total World War


A. December 1940, Italian reverses in North Africa, Sidi Barrani.

B. December 1940, Italian reverses in Greece.

C. January 1941, Britain captures Tobruk, North Africa.

D. February 1941, Rommel and the Africa Corps.

H. April 1941, Hitler takes the Balkans.

I. June 1941, Operation Barbarossa, "The world will hold it's breath" in

three months of fighting 3 million German Soldier will capture over 3

million Russian soldiers.

J. December 1941, Stalemate before Moscow and Leningrad, General

Winter lends a hand.

Part II: Japan's war with China. 1931 to 37

a. September 1931, Mukden. "sabotage" of a rail line by Chinese

forces triggers an attack by Japan on China. Japan seizes


b. July 1937, Marco Polo Bridge, Beijing, "Incident" between

Japanese and Chinese forces triggers war between China and

Japan. Japanese forces seize most of the cost land and much of

the interior of China. Only remote areas remain in the hands

of Nationalist Chinese forces.

c. December 1937, Nanking. 250,000 civilians killed in reprisal

for resisting Japanese forces. Japanese aircraft attack and sink

the U.S. Gunboat Panay on the Yangtze river.

Part III: U.S. Response.

1. Pacific.

a. Embargo on Japan. Oil & Steel.

b. Reposition Pacific Fleet to Pearl Harbor.

2. Europe.

a. Lend/Lease "The arsenal of democracy".

c. Convoy escort.

Part IV:


A. Summer 1942- Jan 43, Stalingrad. The death of 6th army.

B. Fall 1942-1943, El Alamein, American forces join the British (Operation

Torch) joint U.S. British operations against the Germans drive them out

of north africa. ,Tunisia & the end in Africa.

C. Submarine campaign, V-1 & V-2 weapons.

7. GERMANY'S LONG RETREAT: 1943-30 April 1945

A. Allied strategic bombing campaign.

B. July 1943, Kursk, Last great Tank battle, Eastern Front, Russians win.

C. July 1943, Sicily and the Italian campaign. US/Brit Liberation

D. June 1944, Normandy. June 6th begin the liberation of West Europe

E. August 1944, Warsaw falls, Paris liberated.

F. December 1944, The battle of the Bulge. Last German attack

G. Gotterdamering. Last part in Wagner's "ring of the Neblungen"

Twilight of the Gods. Everybody dies. Germans left alive unworthy of

living. Russians from the East, Americans and British from the west. Hitler

and staff commit suicide in Berlin.


U.S. Enters War

1. December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor.

a. Warnings?

(1). Russo-Japanese war, 1905.

(2). Billy Mitchell, October 1925.

b. Conspiracy Theories / Revisionist History.

(1). Codes. US Breaks Japanese codes, We know their plans.

(2). Number of warnings.

(3). Lack of respect for the enemy.

(4). Too Many Targets

c. The attack.

(1). Sunday morning.

(2). Battleships sunk / Carriers not home.

(3). Destroyed the weapon of decision from the last war.

(4). Oil Facilities.

(5). "I feel we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a

terrible resolve", Yamamoto.

(6). Japan totally underestimates the American response to sneak

attack, and our industrial capacity.

Japan constructs 1 large and 7 small aircraft carriers

U.S. builds 120

(7). Hitler at war with U.S.


A. Unconditional surrender.

B. Germany First.

C. Plan Orange.

1. Hold Bataan and wait for the cavalry.

D. 90 Division decision.

1. Maintain full production.

2. Use women as workers

3. Draft 9 mill men

E. War economy.

1. 51% of all war material "Made In The U.S.A."

2. Employ women.

3. Black migration.

1. JAPAN ON THE OFFENSIVE: December 1941-June 42

A. Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Dutch East Indies, Captured

B. The Philippines. Captured




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