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A Role of Leadership

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The main incentive I have for running for class office is that I would like to show my prowess in a role of leadership. In my years as an underclassman, I did not run for any class office or leadership role because I felt like I did not know everyone well enough to lead them. Now that I have matured and developed as a student, I think I am ready to stand for my grade. My confidence, honesty, and integrity are my three greatest traits, and I will hold myself to these ideals while in office. The student government is all about how we can benefit the student population, and I think that I can connect with my peers with my friendliness and kindness. Overall, I think as a class officer I would be the best fit because I know how to achieve greatness and satisfy the needs of my fellow students.

What appeals to me on the discipline council is the ability to aid my peers. The council faces incredibly difficult cases that require proper understanding and a nonbiased opinion. I feel like I can be a fair voice for my fellow students and be someone who is not against them, but rather with them. That is one aspect that I find very valuable in the council: the members are there to help those who face the council. Many of my friends see me as a trustworthy and reliable guy that is always an outlet if they need me, and I feel like I can translate these aspects onto the council if I am elected.



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