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The Role of a Friend

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The Role of a Friend

The role of a friend is complex but universal. People have different opinions of what being a friend entails. The role of a friend includes being open and honest, caring, non-judgmental and a good listener. A friend is someone who will stick their neck out for me and encourage me to be the best person I can be. In today's society, not many people are able to meet the criteria required to be a "good friend". My friend, Rhythm, has the qualities that make her a great friend. I am truly blessed to have such a special person throughout the years.

A friend is someone who is caring and non-judgmental. Rhythm calls me every day to "check on me" and never fails to ask me if I need anything if she's running errands. Back in 2006, I had surgery and was confined to my bed for four days. On more than one occasion, my friend was more than happy to pick up my medication and bring me a banana split from Bruster's on her way home from work. Despite what she had going on in her own household, she took care of her very pregnant sister when the doctor placed her on complete bed rest for two weeks. I have never known her to be judgmental and have seen, firsthand, how she accepts all people no matter who they are. I have made many mistakes in my life and made decisions that she did not necessarily agree with but she stuck by me through all of them without judging me.

Being open, honest and a good listener are also important qualities of a friend. Rhythm is the only person who I can trust to be completely open and honest with me. I knew I could depend on her honest opinion when I had to choose whether to continue my education and become a paramedic or go ahead and start my career as an EMT. She listened to me for hours debate the pros and cons. When I was done talking, she laid out what she thought, cut and dry. It is safe to say that my friend has the art of being a good listener down to a science. At this point in my life, I am on a different path than I have ever been on. It is a spiritual path and I am doing my best to walk that path every day. When I have questions and doubts about religion or spirituality, she will listen patiently and answer my questions wholeheartedly. She is a wealth of spiritual insight and she is always open to share it with me. Now, that is not to say that she will not tell me when I am wrong or being irrational. I can think of a few times when she had to open my eyes to the way I was portraying myself. I admire the fact that she has the ability to "keep it real" sometimes, no matter how bad it may sting. She is the first person I turn to when I need to run something by someone because I know she will always lend her ear to me.

Sticking one's neck out for a friend can be both risky and scary. Without reservation, Rhythm has always gone above and beyond to help me out in a time of need. I could never match



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