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A Sapreate Peace by John Knowles

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Essay Preview: A Sapreate Peace by John Knowles

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In the novel A Separate Peace by, John Knowles, takes place during the time of World War Two at a place called Devon High School. The characters in this novel are pressured to go into the war. The main characters in this novel are seniors at Devon and are around the age of seventeen an eighteen. The two main characters are Gene and Phineas. Gene is a very insecure person. He relies on Phineas to lead the way for him. Gene lives through Phineas and is trying to compete with Phineas but, Phineas is not competing with Gene. Phineas is a very competitive person in sports. He is a great athlete but, is not very competitive and prominent with his grades and studies. Everyone needs a friend in their lives. A good friend is one who can be trusted, obliging, and will be there when one needs them the most. A friendship is either a good relationship or a bad one. A Separate Peace, a novel written by John Knowles, contains many incidences, which show how one friend can injure or aid another friend. The relationship held by Gene and Phineas, two of the major characters, gradually deteriorates as the novel progresses.

On the other hand , It was once said that jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies, but what about being jealousy of a friend? Does jealousy turn friendship into a relationship of hatred and enmity? Or does jealousy, in fact, make a friendship stronger? Jealousy is defined as showing extreme want of another's advantages or a fear of being displaced by a rival. Jealousy is a lot stronger than a simple yearning for something that someone else has. It is one of the ugliest forms of hatred, and in no way can one be jealousy of a friend without destroying the friendship. Beside these information, Gene and Finny are differ in their relationship.



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