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A Simple Guide to Effective Change Management

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Essay Preview: A Simple Guide to Effective Change Management

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A simple guide to effective change management

1. Planning the change:

 Communicate the following:

 What are you changing?

 Why are you changing it?

 What are you changing to?

 Obtain approval and gain commitment and support from the leadership team and key stakeholders

 Link change to the organizational vision and strategy

 Understand, manage and address any concerns and doubts

 Designate a key change champion and enlist change agents in each functional area to encourage collective participation of all stakeholders for the change to succeed

 Document current situation, required change action items and expected results

2. Implementing the change:

 Be responsive by:

 Constantly communicating the benefits and impact of the change throughout the entire change process

 Addressing questions openly and without any bias

 Dealing with issues and dispelling rumors as quickly as possible

 Focus on:

 Strong and disciplined execution

 Generating quick wins and celebrating accomplishment of milestones

 Promoting collaboration and negotiation with stakeholders as necessary

 Adapting organizational structure, process and management system to support the change

3. Sustaining the change:

 Anchor the changes into the culture of the organization by

 Identifying and enhancing what supports the change

 Identifying and mitigating roadblocks to sustaining the change

 Develop ways to maintain the change by

 Ensuring continued leadership support and consistent communication of progress and achievements made

 Creating an incentive system that encourages contribution to the success of the change effort

 Establishing a feedback system to gather input from stakeholders and make the necessary adjustments

 Implementing a performance



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