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Organizational Change Management

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Essay Preview: Organizational Change Management

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It is significant to comment that change is an inevitable parcel of any contemporary organization. Organizational changes occur to enhance the organizational productivity in the face of crisis or to curtail any issue that might arise (Bharijoo, 2005). Nevertheless, the change needs to be well organized and managed. Failure to manage organizational change might occasion numerous problems including false starts and at times sabotage. In many occasions, the change problems arise in the context where the organization management fails to formulate and implement changes appropriately. In this light, it is vital to familiarize oneself with fundamental organizational change process phases. This paper explores various phases involved in the organizational change process; and pinpoint the phases that Concord Bookshop failed to complete or implement leading to the entire organizational change process failure.

The organizational change process phases

To start with, any organizational change takes numerous phases. In addition, change process needs to be informed by numerous steps to enhance the likelihood of triumph (Schein, 2010). Most of these organizational change steps have basis on the John Kotter suggestions, a change leadership, and management scholar. The first organizational change process encompass the urgency creation by identifying performance gap, which improves motivation with consideration of the need for organizational change. The second phase within the change process encompass the process of instituting a coalition that is powerful, Schein argues that creation of a capable coalition from the influential individuals around the organization is critical to the whole organizational change process. Further, he adds that these influential individuals must include but not confined to individuals with the ample influence. The next organizational change phase consist of vision creation that is followed by the effective communication of the vision created. The fifth phase comprises of the obstacles elimination. This phase is the most significant in the entire organizational change process because it aids in the detection and purging of the obstacles that might be a hindrance or discourage the change process realization. The sixth phase encompasses the wins creation that is short-term organizational change process goals, while the seventh phase in the change process is clued-up by building on the entire organizational change. There is a substantial risk of failure insofar as a specific organizational project concerned declares victory prematurely. Therefore, to realize long-term organization change there exist an enormous necessity to build on the short-range gains already instituted. The last phase encompasses the changes entrenchment in the organizational culture.

The Concord Bookshop discussion

It is significant to note that in Concord bookshop case discussion, there are numerous organizational change phases have been overlooked thus bringing the impasse. To start with, there is no coalition creation. It is significant



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