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A Tactical Planner

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I would consider myself to be a tactical planner. I consider myself and tactical planner beacaue I tend to plan things on a day to day basis based on what needs to be done. Working as a nurse I think also makes me a tactical planner because of how things can chage from day to day and sometimes quickly will little to no nitice. Being a nurse my goal is focused on the future for my patient but is is based on day to day progress that has no occur in order for my patients to reach their goals. I work as a high risl labor and delivery nurse. Many of my patient are there because of problems or complications with them or their baby. Many my patients can be in the hospital early in the pregnancy and stay for long periods of time because of the problem or complications with their pregnancy. The decisions for the patients are based on day to day evaluations and circumstances.

My job requires many people to be involved. The person is always the patient but some of the other people that are involved in doing my job are doctos, residents, ultra sound techs, lab techs, nursing assistance and other nurses. In order to provide the bst and safest care to the patient we all have to word and communicate together.

One military lesson learned during this course that has helped me with my tactical skills is communication. Because so many people are involved with the care of one pregnant woman we all need to make sure we communicate with each other and be honest with what we are communicating. During the Vietnam War truthful communication was lackingduring most of the war. While Americans were under the impression that the war was going just as planned and the U.S would soon be celebrating a victory. This was far from the truth because of a big lack in communication.

Communication is the number one priority when it comes to effectively accomplishing a goal or mission. Without a good, reliable communication people are not able to work together and reach their goals.



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