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Tactics to Look out For

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Essay Preview: Tactics to Look out For

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One important rule of negotiation is always to have the home court advantage. When you schedule a negotiation at your office, in addition to putting the other side a little more ill at ease, you gain control over certain things you otherwise could not, like the thermostat. By controlling the thermostat, you can control the climate, which is why this is the first negotiation tactic to look out for.

The climate control tactic, prior to the negotiation you can make the temperature in the room a little too hot or a little too cold on purpose. It is not too noticeable, but a little uncomfortable. As the negotiation continues on, the visiting team can help but be affected by this climatic ploy. This can cause the other side to become distracted by being too hot or too cold and lose some of the focus that they need to apply to the issues being discussed.

There are several other tactics to look out for such as the strength in numbers tactic where you have many people available for the presentation so the presenter gets nervous and cannot perform well. Another successful tactic is the walk in the woods tactic where they make you tired, they suggest a conclusion, and everybody agrees because you just want the long, long meeting to be over.

Some other tactics to look out for are, Emotional, walkout, lock-in, decoy, sweep, deliberate mistake tactic and the planted information tactic. All of these tactics can be very successful if you do not look out for them.



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