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A Whole New Gang

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A Whole New Gang

On one cold breezy night Ronnie was walking in the deep projects of Brooklyn/New York he was with a couple of his homies who were in the same gang as him the names were: Jimmy, Bobby, and Larry. When out of no were a Chevy Impala hit the corner and starts unloading there gun on Ronnie and the gang POW, POW, POW the rival gang was getting back at Ronnie and his crew for a shooting that happened earlier the day. After the rival gang's clips were emptied they sped of and from behind Ronnie herd somebody crying out Larry had been shot in the leg and couldn't get up. Sense they were wanted criminals they couldn't just go into a hospital and ("say or friends been shot in the leg can you help").

As Ronnie , Larry, Bobby, and Jimmy were on there way back to Ronnie's place to try and get the bullet out Larry kept on crying I not going to make I'm gonna bleed out and die he keeps saying Jimmy then said that's not gonna happen so as soon as they got into Ronnie's house Jimmy plunged the bullet out. Larry was relieved and kept saying thank you Jimmy but they still had to stop the bleeding. The bleeding finally stopped and Larry was starting to feel much better.

As all of this is going on they don't recognize that secret agents are watching them and they are planning away to capture them after 3 years. Ronnie and the gang are going along like it's just a normal day. Ronnie out of the corner of his eye he then sees a little movement he then tells the other boys not to move or touch or speak of and short. The secret agent recognized that nobody is moving and there all really calm so now the secret agents start making the movie. Ronnie and the gang then start to grasp all there money and guns and there getting ready to escape as Larry sees that there really close he starts firing his gun as did all of the others. The boys start running out the back door of Ronnie's house and Larry can't run so Jimmy is now having to carry him. They get out now there trying to navigate an escape vehicle then they now are on there way to the gang leaders house.

When they get there gang leader Big Black equips them with a whole moving of guns now telling them that they should go hide out in Brazil. As they are about to walk out the door they look outside and the swat team just pulled up they ask Big Black what they should do he said go out the back door and he will distract the swat team so they listened to what he said and they then went to a hotel and got a computer so they could buys some plane tickets to Brazil. As there just about too pull out of the hotels parking lot a cop car starts chasing them now there on a high speed chase and Bobby is hanging out the window shooting.

When he is shooting he happens to shoot a cop the cop car goes of the rode and hits a brick wall ("what just happens to be there"). As Ronnie listens



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