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Abg Emerging Leader

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Founded in 1857 by Seth Shiv Narayan Birla, the third largest Indian private sector conglomerate, “Aditya Birla Group” has touched the lives of millions. Its wide variety of products has been inevitably a part of life of a large number of people. It deals in many products such as viscose staple fiber, metals, cement (largest in India), viscose filament yarn, branded apparel, carbon black, chemicals, fertilizers, insulators, financial services, telecom, BPO and IT services.

The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Aditya Birla Group is Fashion. One of the major wings is “Pantaloons” which has fascinated me the most when it comes to fashion. My most frequent visits during shopping are to Pantaloons. The first shopping outlet in any city I visit is Pantaloons as I find the most decent and affordable collections for almost all economic groups there. Another fashion brand hosted by Aditya Birla Group is Allen Solly, one of the smartest brands that I have ever seen. I am also a user of Allen Solly products such as blazer which I bought for my interviews and sling bags. Pantaloons and Allen Solly have never disappointed me in terms of collection, quality and price.

Another sector where Aditya Birla Group is involved is the telecom sector. It hosts the Vodafone-Idea network and I am the user of this telecom network as this is the most reliable network I have experienced till now. I have witnessed Cyclone Fani in Bhubaneswar on 3rd May 2019, when large telecom towers were uprooted. At that time, Vodafone-Idea was one network which was available at the most difficult time and which helped my friends and me in connecting with our families.



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