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How People Change as Different Generations Emerge and Possible Implications

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Essay Preview: How People Change as Different Generations Emerge and Possible Implications

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How people change as different generations emerge and possible implications.

For the purpose of defining the generation of the nineties and later, I will entitle it generation A, A representing Artificial. First I must say that some of my favorite people in the world are those who lived in times where things were all natural, simple, and pure. I love listening to the stories that my grandmother tell about of when she was growing up despite some hard times in here life. When I listen to music of the sixties, seventies, and eighties I get goose bumps, and when I watch movies from those times I enjoy them more than I enjoy today's movies. It seems that the further we progress in time the more negative people are becoming, the more things are becoming "watered down."

Children of generation A are nothing like the children of even my generation and with me being only 25 it goes to show you how quickly things are changing. It is more probable for me to win the lottery these days than for me to see children playing tag or hide n seek in the streets like I did as a kid, instead they are in the house playing x box or on the computer. I see children well below their teens these days with iphones, blackberry phones and other fancy gizmos that I could not even imagine when I was their age. The new 13 is the new 18, and the new 5 is the new 13 going on 21. in today's society. The question we have to ask ourselves is what the long term affects of these actions and whether the benefits will outweigh the negatives or the opposite. I will admit that I do like technology and I think it has its place in our lives but I do think there are boundaries that should not be crossed. How does a parent describe to an obese child at the age of 12 that he or she has to take high cholesterol medication? Why do our children all desire the newest iphone? Why is Justin Beiber, a kid, being looked up to by grown men and women? Why is a small beverage in a kids meal at fast food chain larger today than what a large adult drink was in the eighties? All these things are and will affect our future generation. In conclusion, we do not know for sure which way the future of our youth is headed, but we should all be able to speculate as to what the most probable outcome will be if we remain on the same course.



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