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Acceptance as an African American

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Essay Preview: Acceptance as an African American

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Being African American today in America is probably one of the hardest things to go through. Of course the times have changed and racism is definitely not as intense as it was during the earlier 20th century. However, it seems that African Americans have become accustomed to acceptance and when they are in a situation in which racism is the focus, then they do not know how to react. I myself understand that racism is a form of hate from other races outside of yours, however personal or internal racism is also an issue. By this I mean, hating yourself because of your race or your association with others that are your race.

Today, people can usually joke about their race with friends, but sometimes these joke can hit home and you have to realize that racism is serious. There are the issues of culture and physical appearance. Do you accept your culture as a whole? Do you accept your skin color and your hair texture or your eye color?

The latter is usually an issue with African American women as resources such as hair extensions and skin bleaching are attainable. Looking like a lighter race is a form of self hate and not being comfortable and acceptable of being African American.

Men also have to deal with racism when it comes to the old belief that black men are gangsters and undereducated. Those who beat these odds still have to deal with the judgement of ever descending to this status and they have to work twice as hard to maintain their educated and agreeable status.

Stereotypes of blacks only being skillful outside of academics such as sports and entertainment (music and dance).



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