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Acient Art

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Ancient artwork is not often easy to understand. You can look at a piece of artwork and it means something to you completely separate from that of which the artist meant to deliver. Art too many is a way to express themselves and art can be like entering another planet. For this assignment both of my pieces of artwork come from Ancient Egyptian art. These are paintings, sculptures, architecture and any other art forms produced by the civilization in the lower Nile Valley. Most of the artwork that remains comes from tombs and monuments. There art is very symbolic and represents life and death.

Face from a coffin ca. 1539-1190 B.C.E

The Face from a coffin is carved out of wood which was originally that of a coffin from dynasties of 18 and 19. The carving is brown and the eyes of the carving are made out of glass which is black and the brows being blue. This artwork is two-dimensional and the artist uses merely the technique of carving to create this work. This function of art is physical. This piece performs a physical function in the burial of the Egyptians. A spiritual role of the artist is exemplified with this piece.

Amulet of dwarf god accompanied by Isis, Nephthys, and Nefertum ca. 1075-656 B.C.E

The Amulet of dwarf god is shown in the two-dimensional sculpture holding a knife in each hand. This piece is made out of Faience or glazed composition. It appears as a teal color. In this form the function of art is political. It represents mythology and the God Pataikos.


In comparison these pieces are both from the same ancient culture, however their meaning is both spiritual but in a completely different aspect. The Face from a coffin is realistic and the Amulet sculpture is more nonobjective. They are both carved just out of different materials and are both very eye catching. The artist did a great job in detailing these art forms.



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