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Admiral Lord Nelson Case

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Admiral Lord Nelson was a flag officer famous for his service in the Royal Navy mainly during the Napoleonic Wars. He was well known for his inspirational leadership and tactics also his strategy that led to a number of important naval victories.

Horatio Nelson was born on the 29 September 1758 in a rectory in Burnham Thorpe. He was the sixth of eleven children. His mother died on the 26 December 1767 when he was nine years old. Nelson attended Paston Grammar School until he was 12 years old and also attended King Edward VI's Grammar School in Norwich. His naval career began on 1 January 1771.

During this booklet you will find out all the facts on board nelsons navy and his ships. It will also explain everything as you progress.

The purser on each ship was in charge of supplying the food and consumables e.g. Candles, coal, clothes and tobacco. The food had such poor quality and the portions varied so corruption between the naval suppliers was not uncommon. The men sometimes complained about the portions and were punished in return. The men usually ate in very dirty cramped places but it was different for the officers who usually ate in the ward room.

To preserve the meat it was salted and placed in barrels. Most of the other products were supplied dried. The captain could mess with his officers or dine alone, or he could 'keep a table (which meant that he would invite the officers and pay for there food). The captain also had his own cook and servants.



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