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Adult Learning Theory

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Adult Learning Theory is defined as a group of ideas that relates how adults learn with different skills and information. The authors from the articles that I've chosen were basically communicating the different ways an adult can learn effectively. These authors explained two methods of adult learning. The first method is called Active. This is when an individual participates in helping others learn and is active in discussion. The second one is called Passive. This is someone who learns by reading, visual, and by hearing words.

These Authors had some similar thoughts, ideas and techniques on how an adult can be effective in a workplace, in society and in their everyday living. Some of these findings were, hands-on training made available to an individual, safe and positive work environment and that adults are more motivated to learn to have a better lifestyle, better job and a sense of self-esteem. They came to realization that these methods and studies showed that what they were doing was actively working in regards to the adult learning.

Based on the idea on Adult Learning Theory, adults learn best when they are able to use their life experiences in the process when learning. Adult learning is learner-centered. Adults learn to cope with the pressures and problems of life they are facing daily with the obligations at work, profession, family and community. With these new learning methods, adults are able to apply them to their everyday life experience.

A typical adult learning theory includes the basic concepts of behavioral changes and experiences. According to a literature review by Ross (2002), humanism, personal responsibility orientation, behaviorism, neobehaviorism, critical perspectives, and constructivism are all important facets of, and perspectives on, adult learning theory. Since many adults learn at a different pace, level and rate, all of these facets are important. It has been noticed that adult learning is a cognitive process, a multidimensional phenomenon, and that it takes place in various contexts that has not only enhanced our level of understanding on how adults learn but it also expanded our thinking as to which method of strategies might be employed to promote adult learning.

My opinion on the articles that I've chosen to select is that I believe these methods are useful and needed. Since the area of adult learning is broad, these learning processes that are in place, not only could one develop a positive attitude about oneself but, also to increase a better person in the workplace and well as in society. Each learning process would have an different outcome due to one's life experience.

In summary, we need to relate to our body, spirit, mind and emotions in which we ourselves learn to recognize the potential of this widely spread vision for the adult learn theory. Adults need to know why it needs to



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