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Effectiveness of Theories Learned in Application to Hospital Setting

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Essay Preview: Effectiveness of Theories Learned in Application to Hospital Setting

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Effectiveness of Theories Learned in Application to Hospital Setting

Research Methodology

This chapter presents the design of the research study, which include research method and techniques used, location and respondents of the study, instruments, procedures in gathering data and the statistical treatment used.

Research Design

This study will be using survey type of descriptive research, which is an organized attempt to analyze, interpret, present, and evacuate the clinical performance of the students whether the theories they have learned have or have not signifies effectiveness in hospital setting. This research was carried out through the used of printed and not printed materials.

Research Locales

The study was conducted in the UL campus located at Dagupan City.

Respondents of the Study

The respondents of the study are 3'rd of students who were officially enrolled in College of Nursing of UL for the school year 2007-2008. A total of 97 respondents were selected to participate in the study out of 224 total populations of third year students enrolled in the College of Nursing.

Research Instrument

The main instrument for gathering data was by using a questionnaire leased on the objectives of the study. The research prepared a questionnaire that gathers information about the objects or theories being thought for the preparation for RIE, Teaching learning strategies and its evaluation on the application of the theories learned in the hospital setting.

Collection of Data

The questionnaires constructed were distributed to the 97 respondents, some were given in the campus during their vacant period and some were given in the clinical areas for their RLE. The questionnaires together with its contents were explained before they are allowed to be given to the respondents. The researchers have retrieved their questionnaires easily. They were gathered and tabulated for statistical analysis.


Treatment of Data

The study was treated by utilizing percentage and ranking. The formula is as follows.

P= (F/N) x 100

Where: P= percentage

F= number of responses

N= total respondents

Chapter 3

Research Methodology

Research Design

Descriptive Method of Research¬¬¬¬¬¬- using a descriptive analysis (Quantitative) research method.

Sources of Data

Instrumentation and Data Collection

Data Gathering Tools

Statistical Method of Analysis

Data Gathering

In order to determine the expanding the rule of Medtech are see the researchers gathered data through interviews, questionnaire, surfing the Internet, and research on references bokk and journals. Also used to identify the rule of Medtech in healthcare governance.

Research Design

This method used



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