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Advanced Enterpreneurship

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Essay Preview: Advanced Enterpreneurship

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According to Berry; "A business plan is any plan that works for a business to look ahead, allocate resources, focus on key points, and prepare for problems and opportunities" (2010). The principal goal of a business plan is to guide and to help the entrepreneur acquire some financial assistance. Businesses need plans to optimize growth and development according to priorities not only when loans and new investments are needed.

The type of venture capital company I will be looking for should be the one that not only provides funding for our growth, but also brings in significant management capabilities to assist in implementation of our strategic plans. The venture capital company should be the most suitable one for the business needs, also that will help the company via their contacts and expertise as well as management experience and become active investors in the business.

The financial information that should be included are the financial statements, a pro forma or forecasts for the next 3-5 years because it is important to be realism in the financial as well as the cash flow of the company in order to show how much money is needed and why. The alignment with the financials meaning that the amount wanted to borrow should match the financials in the plan, the tax returns of the business or personal tax returns of the owners, a personal financial statement. A comprehensive plan outlining the deployment of funds raised by the organization in various areas should be comprised, as well as the ratio analysis and benchmarking data about the industry.

The deal will be closed by evaluating the terms and conditions and existing policies offered by the venture capital firm. We will evaluate each aspect of terms and conditions offered by the venture capital firm carefully and give our final consent after all shareholder/management of the organization agree to the terms and conditions and valuations offered by the venture capital company.

The elements that should be included in the presentation will be the executive summary which is a resume of the entire plan and its purpose is to capture the attention of the reader and to aid him or her have a better understanding of the business concept, the mission and vision statement where the purpose and direction of the company will be described. It will also include the company history, the business profile and strategies, and a good description of the service offering. A marketing strategy, a competitor analysis, the owners and the managers' resumes, a plan of operation, the pro forma financial statements, Strengths and growth opportunities, competitive analysis, and the loan proposal are significant elements that the presentation should contain.

The need to give a brief on the main points and the use of visual aids is strongly recommended to keep the attention of the audience. A PowerPoint presentation is ideal for that purpose; the slides will have speaker



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