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Children - Pros and Cons of Advanced Technology

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Essay Preview: Children - Pros and Cons of Advanced Technology

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In today's world Children have to know more about Pros and Cons of Advanced

technology. Now Days children have computers in their home, school or Bookstores. In the other hand Internet can be very dangerous for children because it's very easy to find materials that are only for adults, also they can be in trouble while talking with stranger in internet. I remember that my parents were doing their best for me and my sister to buy educational tools and books to study. For me was difficult to find additional information for my lessons. I did not have computer and internet in home or in my school. My parents always advised me that if a stranger talked to me, I should not get close. Now day's children should be Carefully and chose the right thing for them self, also they should stay far from bad habits like taking drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking or being bad listener.

Children usually mimic adults, movements, and their behavior, but Marji in the book "Persepolis "from chapters "The Veil", The Bicycle, and The water Cell learned about, religion, revolution, demonstrations, culture and politics, She was 10 years old when Islamic revolution just had began In Iran. Rules changed in Iran, boys and girls should not stay together in the school and every girl should wear Veil. She understood that her parents were against of those rules, but in the other hand she was religious. She pretended to be a prophet, and wanted to help people in need. Her parents are liberal and modern, but Marjy has a different point of view. She wanted everyone to have equal rights, and that nobody should suffer.

Marji has her own opinion, and ideas about the revolution .She learned so many things about her country. Her father has told that how many countries had invaded Iran. Iranian regime was very tough, People were forbidden to demonstrate, and killed with no mercy. Marji's parents were not agreeing to let her daughter to go to demonstrate because was dangerous. She wanted to participate in a demonstrate because the revolution must be supported by the entire population. This was a disturbing moment in Marji's childhood because everything was changing.

In the water cell passage Marji learns the truth about the king. She believed that the king was chosen by god, but her father told her what really happened. The king was a normal person like everybody, moreover he was not educated. She learned that the king was corrupted by British businessmen who were trying to get Iran's oil. Later her father told her that , she was the descendent of the real emperor. Her great great father used to be a prince and then was arrested, and put in jail.

I was born in a small country but with a harsh communist regime. Albania was isolated from Western countries. It was very difficult time because the food, clothes



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