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Adverse Effects of Insulin Shock Therapy

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Essay Preview: Adverse Effects of Insulin Shock Therapy

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Study of studies of insulin shock therapy. If .75% died as a result of treatment, what percentage of patients were neurologically impaired? has there been any litigation from traumatized patients? I served in the Canadian armed forces and was treated in a military hospital , improperly diagnosed as schizophrenic, subjected to 12 insulin shock treatments, released with no followup treatment whatsoever, following which I abused alcohol for several years. My brain power diminished to a great extent, I could not function to my previous level (prior to treatment). I wonder if the U.S. armed forces used insulin shock therapy, and if so what was their experience? Were there studies done, and are those studies available? Are there survivors of psychiatric abuse groupsrelating to this treatment? If so, how do I find them? I am 80 years old and still affected by these treatments...I'm not giving up on being able to live a full and productive life, am willing to accept some limitations...I'm doing brain training exercises to benefit from neuroplasticity. I believe I am benefitting from these exercises. They are very challenging. It is one of the failures of our philosophy to confuse education and intelligence, as much as we would confuse plumbing and civilization. One ounce of intelligence is worth one pound of education, for where there is intelligence, education will advance on its own, but where there exists education alone, the results may terrifying beyond even the realms of untutored stupidity. There'..250 words?



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