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Effects of Bullying

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Effects of Bullying

The bulling effects can be serious and have dramatic consequences. There are

many effects of bulling in a person's life. One of the biggest effects is depression. A sad feeling

that represent with depressed mood. Many people who are bullied change their lives into

traumatic events. They have emotional problems, they feel less worth .For example, five percent

of high school reported staying at home at least one per month for fear of bullying. Some

students are even afraid to used the school restroom, or ride the bus to and from school. Some

children are under stress because they faced situations like hair pulling, hitting, and pinching.

They prefer to miss school. Another effect of depression is that some people commit suicide. The

consequences are so lamentable because bullying is killing to innocent people. For instance, two

students killed 13 individuals and injured more than twenty others at the school, the U.S. The

results of the study, referred to as the seventy one percent of the attackers had experienced

threats, physical violence, persecution and bullying from other students before carrying out their

violent attacks. In several cases, they had been the targets of bullying. Also, a 15-year-old Eric

Hainstock brought a shotgun and handgun to his school, and the school's principal, struggled

with the student. Eric shot three times with his handgun, and the principal later died in a hospital.

According to a police report, the boy was trying to protect himself from being bullied. The

effects of being bullied are sad, sometimes people can't restrain for doing something lamentable

like committing suicide. After all, there are antibullying programs and organizations that are

trying to protect children from these terrible effects of bullying.



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