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Agent Orange in Vietnam

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Four decades later, the U.S. starts cleanup of Agent Orange in Vietnam, but was it really the United States fault? Should we blame Vietnam for making the U.S. use such force? Or should we blame the companies, themselves, who created Agent Orange. Well in my personal opinion, I blame the U.S. government. Not only did they contaminate every possible area in Vietnam, but it also caused birth defects, cancer, and other diseases. Whether the United States government knew this all would happen before or not, it is still their fault for demanding such chemical without doing much research, and knowing every possible effect it has. The United States government, which also lagged in acknowledging the problem, has spent billions of dollars on disability payments and health care for American soldiers who came into contact with Agent Orange. So not only did it affect the people of Vietnam but also our own American soldiers. In order to fix such a mess I think the U.S. government should help out the people of Vietnam. We should send people to clean up the mess we made; after all, wouldn't we want that if they did such a thing to us? I would like to think so. The government needs to send money to help those families with the children who have birth defects, with a father or mother who has cancer, or to those who have any type of disease caused from Agent Orange. In fact, I believe both the government and all those companies should help out Vietnam. We made this mess, we should fix it.



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