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Vietnam War

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Snezhana Mustyatsa

U.S History hour 3


I am a dove because I believe that we should not right in the Vietnam War. Ho Chi Minh, a north communist and Hgo Dinh Diem was a south anti- communist also back by the United States. In the 1956 elections were the Vietnamese elections to unite the country but Diem refused to participate because he knew he was not going to win and he also wanted to stay in power. That's when the Ho Chi Minh trail started. They were Vietcong soldiers an opposition group from the communist north. This group lead by Ho Chi Minh assassinated Southern Vietnamese officials and also destroyed roads, bridges and infrastructure. When they did this the Law 10/59 was a response to it. People that were doing this were killed and confiscation of property to anyone opposing Diem's government position. Kennedy's analysis was to send the CIA which led to assassinating Diem. After they killed Diem it was the final analysis and JFK said "It's their war". We did not want to get into it. After the CIA assassinated Diem in the order of JFK was killed. That's when Johnson took over and did not want to let communism spread or be "soft". He continued to provide military money. In Tokin Gulf Resolution the USS Maddox fired upon by the N. Vietnamese Johnson used the attack to ask congress to expand his wartime author and all but two senators were in favor to declare war. In 1965 Dean Rusk advised LBJ to deploy 18,000 US troops sent to Vietnam. In 1967 500,000 troops were sent to Vietnam. The Vietnamese planned to fight war underground. American troops were sent into the tunnels but did not know that there were Vietnamese waiting for them down there. We the US did not like what was happening with our troops we used napalm and Agent Orange to destroy the jungle and the towns in Vietnam. We should not fight in the Vietnam War and kill innocent people again.

I do not think that we should fight in the Vietnam War because we didn't enough damage already with the Agent Orange and the napalm. When we used these chemicals we killed a lot of innocent little children and other people that had nothing to do with it. I understand that they made a big mistake by declaring war in the tunnels and making us send out our troops but did not tell us that our soldiers were in danger and could have been killed. LBJ also promised us that we would not be going to war. If we would right the war with them we would just bring us more trouble. When we used Agent Orange over the jungle and villages we created about 3 million refugees in South Vietnam " in order to save the town we had to destroy it".



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