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Al-Khwarizmi from My Own Perspective

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Essay Preview: Al-Khwarizmi from My Own Perspective

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Every student who goes to high school in every country in the world learns Algebra. But rather than learn about it, have you ever take a second to think who did invent Algebra? It's Al-Khwarizmi who found it. Al-Khwarizmi is one of many Islam contributors whose work has become an important innovation throughout the world. His contribution in geography, mathematics, and astronomy has made a great changes since in the Middle Age and afterwards. However, I have choose his contribution in mathematics which is algebra as algebra is one of the most important invention in the world the lead to other great founds. Well, what is actually Algebra? Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses mathematical statements to describe relationships between things that vary over time. Algebra also can be described as the " of the properties of numbers and the study of the things that we can do knowing those properties. Algebra is, or should be, a study in logic. Algebra is the process of using logic to draw conclusion from things we know to things that we do not know about until we apply algebraic reasoning." (1)

In the first part of my assignment I will discuss more on Al-Khwarizmi background and his other famous contribution such his famous book written at his golden age while the second part which is Analysis and Interpretation is an explanation and analysis on Algebra that I have choose as Al-Khwarizmi invention. The third part, Meaning and Application is about my own understanding based on the issue that I have discussed. Generally, most of the part discuss on Al-Khwarizmi point of view of what did people actually wants in mathematics. Lastly the Implication of Action, in this part I have included some pro-active plan on how or what can I do to follow Al-Khwarizmi trails of success. I also have made some analysis on Al-Khwarizmi attitude in order to know more about him and thus reflecting myself.



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