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Personal Perspective Paper

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Personal Perspective Paper

Decision making is essential to everyone regardless of background both for personal and professional use. Sometime situations occur when decisions are not thought out and hasty decisions are made. Through the course of this paper there will be two separate situations that decision models were used. Doing my time employed as a logistic manager with JB Hunt Transport we used a decision making model called simulation modeling. This program allowed our companies managers to experience and test out new products and services with computer software and without disrupting the flow of the daily operation. Without the use of simulation modeling the testing of these services would have been very costly to the company. The company used this decision making process instead of making changes using actual employees. This process prevented customer service issues and kept wages and productivity intact. The success of this process was directly the result of this model.

During the beginning of my senior year my mother asked me what was my plans after high school. She asked me to write down on paper three items that I wanted to do after graduation. I only could come up with two, which was college and the Air Force. We sat down and discussed the positive and negatives of both choices. Upon completion of the review process I felt very comfortable and not pressured by selecting the Air Force. I never imagined that the decision made that day was a decision making model until this class. It was not a decision that was just randomly chosen we wrote it down on paper and evaluated all aspects before making a decision. In conclusion there are several types of decision making models. Find a decision model which will allow for the best possible outcome for the situation. We can do a better job planning and thinking out our decisions.



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