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Alexander the Great

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Alexander The Great

In the documentary, "Alexander the Great," the story of a great and powerful ruler is told. He was one of the greatest rulers and most dominant leaders of his time. Who is this leader? Alexander the Great started out as a curious inquisitive child, who ruled at a very young age. As his life progressed, he continued to conquer many lands and spread the Greek language and culture to Eastern Europe like never before. In twelve years, he recorded only one loss. Though he was described as ruthless and was known to drink in excessive amounts, he left a legacy in his thirty-two years that no one could even dream of topping.

Alexander's story has been recorded by four ancient historians: Arian, Diodotus, Kirkus Rufus, and Plutarch, who recorded most of his boyhood. Before understanding Alexander, one most views his background, which is his parent. King Philip II was king of Macedonia, also known as Macedon. Macedonia was viewed as inferior compared to the rest of Greece. However, Macedon was very rich and had a very strong army. King Philip II had many wives, but began relations with Olympias in 357 BC. She is described as beautiful, wild, fiery, political, religious, and possibly belonging to mystical cults. She later becomes very determined to get her son, Alexander, to the throne. Philip is suspicious that Olympias is "of a higher being," and stops sleeping with her, because she could cast a spell on him. He also witnesses a serpent sleeping with her, which was a common mark of Zeus.

Alexander was born in 356 BC. He was not a spoiled little rich kid; he was ambitious, curious, and intellectual. His father recognizes his brilliance when Alexander sees that a horse, which appears wild, is only afraid of his shadow. Alexander leads Bucephalus into the sun and rode him moments after the horse appeared untamed. Philip decides that Alexander should be educated beyond his present schooling and enlists Aristotle to teach him. Aristotle taught him a variety of subjects from poetry to astronomy.

Though he appeared quite masculine, some questioned Alexander's sexuality.

Hephaistion was someone that Alexander could have been just friends with, or lovers. However, Alexander found thrill in annihilating armies. This could be because he was introduced to such violence at an early age. At eighteen in 358 BC, Alexander becomes a commander after four years of being involved in battle. His father marries Cleopatra and she has a son, who takes away Alexander's right to the throne. But, when Philip is stabbed, Alexander order's for his half-brother to be killed.

At twenty, Alexander becomes king of Macedon. He takes Thebes in 335, Persia in 334, Egypt in 332, and finally kills King Darius of Persia in 330. He becomes a pharaoh in Egypt, King of Persia, and King of



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