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All Immigrants Should Attend Language Classes in Their New Country

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Essay Preview: All Immigrants Should Attend Language Classes in Their New Country

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Nowadays the world is becoming a smaller place and that more and more people are moving around the globe for work or other personal reasons. The immigrants become bigger part of population in many countries recently. For example, immigrants make up about 20% of the population in Germany. Most of them are Turks. Being able to speak German is an important issue which not only German Turks but also the German government should think about it. Many immigrants can not speak German fluently, even completely. Actually like Samuel Johnson said : „Language is the dress of thought“, language plays a major role in our society. So „should all immigrants attend language classes in their new country“ is a common question, that many people discuss now.

First of all, attending language class is really necessary for immigrants who are studying at university or have already worked. During the language classes they can learn the foreign language systematically, including listening, reading, writing and speaking. The grammar will be explained clearly, so their language basis and skill will be quite good. It is helpful, because when they later study or work, using sublimely language will be required. These things can not be learned from daily life easily. If you were in a language class, you might know that people not only learn the language itself but also get information about the country, like cultures and customs. It can help them integrate into the new country faster and better. Thirdly, people need communicate with each other. Inability to communicate can create dangerous situations, for instance driving or police action. During the language classes you are forced to speaking more and more, in order to have a good command of this language as soon as possible.

Of course learning a new language is not easy for people, especially for old people. Some immigrants have been in a new country just because of their family. The old can not assimilate a new language anymore. To be honest, they also don not need to speak a foreign language perfectly. Everyday language is for them enough, perhaps they can speak a little during the time is going on. At home they can just speak mother language with their family. Furthermore, many immigrants had already learned the language a little bit before they migrated. They have a need to obtain income and choose to work rather than attend language classes. They will improve their language skills by social and living environments. In addition, the global trend is not toward single-language countries, but rather recognition of several languages as official languages of a country. For example, countries such as Brazil find that this fosters rather than inhibits democracy and economic growth.

In mein opinion not all immigrants are forced to attend language classes in their new country, but some of them should to attend. It depend on their jobs and ages. Like students and office workers, they must speak the



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