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All Shook up Chapter 1

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Essay Preview: All Shook up Chapter 1

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Reading Assignment

 Chapter 1, All shook up

Carla Azanza

        I have always thought music is the response and criticism of all the social problems we live through every day. Since its very beginnings, Rock ‘n’ Roll caused a lot of polemics. Most of the artist's used drugs, had an alcohol addiction and were involved in sexual scandals. The concerts promoted promiscuity and dyscontrol causing most of the times a huge wave of violence. But, Can we blame it to rock and roll?  Even Though its negative side, Rock and Roll represented a way out to a lot of young teenagers. There are a lot of people who can consider rock ‘n’ roll as their scape.

       The birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll can be considered one of the most controversial events of the 20th century. There was not a single person who had an opinion about it, whether it was a positive or negative one, Rock ‘n’ Roll was indeed the most talked about topic. The society put a huge effort in vanishing this whole new movement because besides of a music gender it was a revolution. Teenagers were ban from public dances which promoted rock ‘n’ roll and other extravagant behaviors. People who enjoyed this type of music were called the troublemakers, even though, a lot of the times Rock and Roll was the criticism to all the violence promoted by society.

       During the birth of rock and roll, the whole world experienced a lot of negative events like the cold war, nuclear age, communism, etc. People were vulnerable. Parents wanted to protect their children no matter what and Rock and Roll represented a huge threat to them. It addressed all that problems including racism and gender inequality which no one liked to talk about or assimilate. Society was in ruins and people were blind about it. People rejected anything that could alter their lives like the civil rights movement and feminism. Rock and Roll exposed a whole new side of the new independent women. Colored people were receiving more fame than ever, and a lot of people didn't like that. It was the 50s and racism was still

        Pop music had one  “purpose”,  to end rock and roll. Of course, they didn't like the competence. Pop music has always been a superficial gender. Sticky rhythms and shallow lyrics had nothing against Rock and Roll. I guess since the birth of jazz the industry music got caught up in superficial songs and that why rock and roll had the success they had. There were Elvis and his controversial dances and lyrics. People were getting crazy and sometimes it seemed as the destruction of society instead of their solution to most of the problems. But rock and Roll did accomplish a lot of changes during the 50’s

       To conclude, society have always been afraid of new opinions that challenge the way we do things and how we think about everything that surrounds us. Rock and Roll exposed a more realistic, sexual and polemical side of society that most of the people were not aware. People were afraid of it and try to diminish it. Instead of ending it they gave it the perfect opportunity to obtain more fame. At the end, I guess we all like scandal and polemic. The class is not only about the history of rock and roll but the history of the world. We can't study a music gender without knowing all the effects it caused.



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