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Hr Chapter Three: Methodology

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HRChapter Three: Methodology (Students must collect some form of data in this section. Qualitative data may be derived from interviews. For example, if your wrtiting about a multicultural organization that you are familiar with, you may consider interviewing a manager or employees that work there. Qualitative data may also be based on your personal experience. For example, if you have experience working within an organization that may or may not value its diversity, perhaps you may write about your own experiences. Quantitative data may be derived from surveys or questionnaires. You may design you own questionnaire or survey and distribute them to people you know, asking pertinent questions based on your topic. For example, you may survey colleagues, friends, family members, and fellow students on their experience with workplace diversity. Whether you choose to collect qualitative data or quantitative data, you must state what type of data you are collecting; give the demographics of your subjects, i.e. gender, age, race, job status/work experience, etc. Be very specific about your data and your subject population.)

Chapter Four: Discussion (After you explain the data you collected in your Methodology section, then you must critically analyze your data and give your perspectives on all you data. Be sure to thoroughly discuss your data and the significance of your findings. What was interesting about your data and results and how do you make sense of it? Can you link it back to your references in your Review of the Literature? Does it align with your thesis statement in your Introduction? What are your persectives and opinions on your data and results? Be very thorough in your Discussion section.)



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