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Alone for 127 Hours

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Alone for 127 Hours

By: April Lee





In April 2003, 27 year old Aron Ralston was pinned to a 800 pound boulder, in a deserted Utah, canyon. Aron desperately tried everything to move the boulder. Aron was stuck there for about 127 hours furthermore with no food or water, and the cause of not telling anyone where he was going, just leaving a note. He is challenged with persistence to stay there and die, or choose to cut his arm off. Aron is determined to have courage, intelligence, and hope. Aron Ralston’s key to survival the Blue John Canyon and eventually escape the boulder that pinned his arm because he had courage, intelligence, and hope.

First, Aron Ralston had courage to his arm off, and to break his arm. Aron has courage because he broke his arm. He clearly states, from his article “Trapped” “I scramble to clear the chockstone, trying to keep my head on straight. Without further pause and again in silence, I hump my body up over the rock. Smearing my shoes against the canyon walls, I pushed with my legs and grab the back if the chockstone with my left hand, pulling with every bit of ferocity I can muster, until a second cap-gun shot ends my ulna’s anticipation. Sweating and euphoric, I touch my right arm again. Both bones have splintered in the same place, just above my wrist.” (Ralston,12) Aron shows he had courage to break his own arm. Another courageous thing Aron did was he cut his arm off. He clearly states, “I have rehearsed and place the cutting tip to my wrist, watching my skin stretch inward, until the point finally pierces and sinks to its hilt. In a blaze of pain, I know the job is just starting.” (Ralston,12) Aron shows he had courage to cut off his right arm off. Courage helped Aron to stay alive in the lonely Utah Canyon.

Secondly, Aron Ralston had intelligents to rig a pulley system, and to take his mini-digital-video camcorder. Aron has intelligents because he rigged a pulley system. In addition he states, “But I’m ready for action, not for dying. It’s time to get a better anchor established, one that I can use to build a rigging system to try to move the boulder. Good work Aron . Now all you’ve got to do is move the boulder. Don’t stop now.” (Ralston,6) Aron shows he had intelligents to rig a pulley system to try and move the boulder. Another intelligent thing Aron did was he brought his mini-digital-video camcorder. In addition he states, “I take an inventory of my pack. In the outside mesh pouch, I have my CD player, CD’s, extra AA batteries, my mini-digital-video camcorder.” (Ralston,4) Aron was intelligent enough to bring his mini-digital-video camcorder to tape himself just



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