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Alternative Energy Is the Solution to the Energy Crisis We Face Today

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Essay Preview: Alternative Energy Is the Solution to the Energy Crisis We Face Today

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Alternative Energy is the solution to the energy crisis we face today.

The term alternative energy encompasses a variety of power generation sources. The most common forms of alternative energy available for homeowner use today are solar power, wind power and micro-hydro power. In my opinion, alternative energy use is the best solution to curb energy crisis that we face today because it is renewable resource, environmentally friendly and cheaper than fossil fuel.

According to Isabel (2007), alternative energy refers to an electrical power derived from renewable resources that produce energy such as solar or wind energy, as opposed to single-use resources such as coal or uranium. For homes currently relying on grid power, a renewable energy system has still more benefits. Power generated from renewable sources can be stored in a battery bank to provide backup power if utility power fails. In some areas alternative energy generated by a homeowner can be sold back to the local utility company, resulting in lower monthly electric bills at the least, and perhaps even generating income for the homeowner with a large renewable energy system.

Alternative energy is safe for environment (Bryan, 2007). It will not contribute to pollution compared to fossil fuels. These nature sources are safe and clean as they do not produce hazardous air. For remote sites currently relying on engine generators for electrical power, alternative energy sources present some other advantages as well. Sunlight, wind and flowing water are all available for free, unlike diesel fuel or propane used to power a traditional generator. Also, each of these methods operates virtually silently. Solar panels and underwater turbines make no noise whatsoever, and wind generators produce a low hum at most. Compared to the racket an engine generator makes, even the noisiest wind turbine would be unnoticeable. For example, use of solar energy as solar cooker and solar generators, which are capable of cooking without emissions. Therefore, solar energy can help save the environment with make a use of solar panels.

Another reason that we should change to alternative energy because, it is cheaper than fossil fuel. According to Bryan (2007), in a long-term used, alternative energy will become cheaper because we will use this energy without environmental damage. Have you count or realized that how much you paid for the electric bill every month. Many homeowners are pockets of pain because of the expensive electricity cost. One way to reduce bills is the choice of energy. Today you can easily buy solar energy devices such as flashlights, water purifiers, pool, ceiling fan, mosquito inhibitors, heat pumps, power, radios, lighting and many others. Although we have to invest a lot of money at one time and in the future, they are certainly capable of earning big profits. As the alternative energy industry grows and refines the



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