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Res 320 - Business Research Application at Constellation Energy

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Essay Preview: Res 320 - Business Research Application at Constellation Energy

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Business Research Application

Res 320

February 21, 2011

Nichole Johnson

Business Research Application at Constellation Energy

Business research is extremely important in an organization because it helps to improve the general effectiveness of the company. Business research describes a planned and logical approach used to obtain data and other resourceful information to encourage and support management decisions. Organizations use this process to plan, develop, evaluate, and promote the awareness of their business decisions in relation to the main goal of increasing organizational performance and productivity (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). In addition, every business, it size, will use business research at some level. The purpose of this paper is to explain how business research is used at the Constellation Energy Company to increase job satisfaction and how it can be used more effectively to determine new ways to support employee motivation.

Constellation Energy is one of the many suppliers of energy products and services provided to electric and natural gas customers. The company's vision is to become the most preferable provider for customers seeking energy solutions in the complex and ever-changing energy market. The company-wide values include teamwork with respect for all individuals, community and environmental responsibility, integrity, safety, quality, customer commitment, and accountability. Constellation Energy is deeply committed to the success of diversity and constantly works to ensure that a diverse group of qualified employees are recruited and retained in order to make them a part of a work environment that values different perspectives.

Besides, within the organization there are many different job departments as well as career positions and each employee is required to obtain and demonstrate knowledge about all company operations and possess operational knowledge of a personal computer in order to make adjustments and process orders using different organizational systems, and other special programs to aid in the resolution of customer inquiries.

Business research involves a variety of research methods used for different purposes to successfully recruit and retain employees. As a part of the organizational structure, major motivation skills in the workplace is the main component in which employees believe that their ideas and opinions are important (Davis, 2005). The first step in business research is to identify and understand what each employee thinks, feels, knows and wants. By giving employees an opportunity to voice their concerns and help in decision-making, will significantly influence employee behavior and job satisfaction, and allow managers and supervisors to consider alternate viewpoints, recognize the bigger picture, and participate in shared authority.

At Constellation Energy, research analysts are also employed by management to help monitor and provide new and improved ways on how the company can continue to operate efficiently. In addition, a wide range of research methods including employee surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups. These research methods allow management to monitor changes in skills, attitudes, and behaviors. It also helps to decrease resistance to change, measure the effectiveness of change, and improve results. Conducting business research at Constellation Energy will also help the management team to maintain the organization culture, by having follow-up discussions with employees. In addition, when management is fully aware, they have a tendency to make more important decisions and budgetary alternatives that maximizes employee retention and satisfaction. Besides, the ultimate goal of business research is not to analyze employees' behavior based on workplace changes, but to gather helpful information within a secure environment that encourages employee feedback and strengthens manager and employee organizational commitment (Davis, 2005).

For instance, Constellation Energy conducted an employee survey, which was an opportunity to obtain feedback on various factors relating to the work environment including mangers, employees, job



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