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Am Goth Story

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October the 13th was one extraordinary day for Virginia Moore. Before she knew it, one event had changed the rest of her life. Everything appeared to have been an ordinary day, but Virginia Moore knew otherwise. Virginia Moore is a woman of old age, she cannot speak nor hear, but she can see events into the future. This strange talent leads Virginia to do odd things and one odd vision leads her to do something that she never foresaw.

Virginia Moore is a widow and lives inside of father's mansion. In the front yard of the mansion there is an oak tree and under this tree is where Virginia spends most of her time. Virginia would wake at sunrise and wonder over to the tree with a book. This was routine for her and she completed this routine every day since her husband's death. But, on October 13th something just didn't feel right. Virginia had grabbed the book of her desk and had walked over the tree but something was different. But this feeling did not worry Virginia, she just set out on reading her book.

While reading her book she seemed to doze off and dream about what she had just read. Her dream seemed as if it was reality. But was it?

Virginia was walking through the darkness of the night when she saw a light up the road. This light was something she had never seen before. She was amazed at how bright everything looked in her perspective. What was happening? After this vision, she began to see darkness once again. She was determined to continue to where she had seen the light. She continued onward into the direction that she saw the light. After hours of walking through the darkness, she finally sees the light and found it was a castle. The castle was covered with tall windows and peaked arches. She could tell from the appearance that something strange was going on. The light that she saw was a window blazing with light. There was no curtain covering the window so she decided to peer in.

This decision was one of the worst decisions she could have made. The sight inside was like no other. Inside, was a wall lined with drawers. What were these drawers for? You shall soon find out.

Suddenly, a man peered into window. The man ran towards the front door of the castle. Virginia had been so startled she could not move from her position. She heard a loud crack from the left. She turned her head and the man from the window was running at her. She didn't know what to do. As he got closer to her she saw that he had a rope. He was coming closer and closer and closer and Virginia stood like a deer in headlights. Where was she to go? The man had reached Virginia and grabbed onto her arm. He began to tie her up in the rope. What was he to do with her?

The man brought Virginia to the room that she had seen through the window. "What are you doing here?" said the man. Virginia didn't answer. The man's face glared with rage. This was one of the



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