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Short Story Essay

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In life, we usually live by society's expectations. Although, we ultimately have the final decisions in our lives, those decisions are usually based around societal views. In the story "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" Andy faces the troubles of society viewing him as a gang member and not as Andy. In addition Mary Maloney faces how society would view her for killing her husband, also Grandmama from "The Jade Peony" is confronted by how society views her for being a traditional Chinese. Andy, Mary Maloney and Grandmama are all judged by society which impacted on their lives negatively.

Andy, the main character of "On the Sidewalk Bleeding" is seen as a no good gang member and not for the person he really is. Andy who was dying from a stabbing was re-thinking about his life and found that he was stabbed just because he was a royal, it was not that he did anything wrong. While thinking Andy wishes he could go back and not become a royal because if never became a gang member he wouldn't have been stabbed.

In the story "Lamb to the Slaughter" Mary Maloney in societal views would be seen a cold-hearted killer. Mary's actions were due to hearing some bad news her husband had told her and she reacted wrongly to the situation. After murdering her husband Mary came up with an alibi. She knew that she needed an alibi and whatnot because her husband was a detective. If the public allowed people to get away with killing Mary Maloney would had just gone on with life normal, but society's views pushed her to hide what she had done.

Grandmama from "The Jade Peony" was mistreated by society because she was a traditional Chinese woman that did things the old fashioned ways. She often did things like look threw garbage to make wind chimes as a Chinese tradition or wore clothes that traditional Chinese people would wear. Society usually is up with new fashion and ways to make things more efficient. Thou society often makes a big impact on peoples lives grandmama never reallly listened to society and she did what made her happy.

Society has an influence on Andy, Mary Maloney and grandmama, but it is entirely for the people in their individual capacities to decide to either be conformist or be the exceptional. If more people are unable to confirm, the collective will of people becomes binding and the society can but change accordingly. I would therefore say that it is people who shape the society although society so shaped by people does have an influence in turn on its people, but as and when this influence fades off for one reason or another, a new shaped for the society becomes inevitable.



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