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America for Americans

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America for Americans

America is originally a country founded on many cultures that are drawn here in hopes of a escaping the troubles they face and starting their lives over from scratch. In the past, America has always been considered a mosaic; each piece of colored glass represents one of the different ethnicities that create this nation. But, the increasing number of illegal immigrants is a serious problem that needs to come to an end. An illegal immigrant is a foreigner who enter the United States without an entry visa, especially a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or business person. The concerns with illegal immigration is that they are putting financial burdens on school and hospitals by not paying taxes. Not only that, but they take jobs from Americans working for minimal pay. At this rate, America's mosaic will consist of only once color.

Mexico's population is growing so rapidly that its population has already reached its maximum capacity. More than forty percent of Mexico's population live in poverty. Because of this, Mexicans are in desperate need of any source of income. This is why they choose to migrate to the United States, specifically Texas and Arizona. Eighty percent of people immigrating to the United States are from Central America or Mexico. But, by illegally migrating to the United States, immigrants are ruining the economic structure of the country. Americans are in desperate need of jobs themselves and when illegal immigrants come in and work for less than an American, then the cheapest help will get hired. Not only that, but illegal immigrants do not pay taxes because there is no official document that forces them to pay.

Some solutions include increasing border control and installing fences, to granting amnesty but so far not one has solved the problem because immigrants are still illegally entering the United States. If we increase border control and install fences, we are simply slowing the problem because there are still ways to get around the fences. Not only is it ineffective, but it's also expensive. It also has a negative ecological impact by disturbing animal migration or river flow. Granting amnesty is also an unworkable solution to the problem. By granting amnesty to all of the immigrants, we are technically rewarding lawbreakers, which is unfair to American citizens, but it will also encourage others to hop the border.

Many suggest ways of slowing or avoiding the problem, but in reality we need to end it. To do this, we have to tackle it at the source; we must eliminate the reasons people enter the U.S. illegally. Primarily people come to America for opportunities at getting a job. Big businesses are the main source of this problem. Many businesses will hire cheap labor so they can sell their products at lower prices and stay competitive.



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