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American Diversity

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Arthur Schlesinger Jr's essay "The Cult of Ethnicity," (The McGraw-Hill Reader, 11th ed. 19-21), encourages that America remains "as an example of how a highly differentiated society holds itself together" (21). The United States is a nation who receives people from different backgrounds and cultures with open arms. Throughout its history, this country has been known to give its inhabitants a variety of possibilities and opportunities. The healthy consequences of the "cult of ethnicity" cannot be denied (20). The United States promotes acceptance of diversity through its own government officials. It also provides opportunities through education for any student who needs it regardless of gender, race, age, and financial income. This nation allows for an individual to have the freedom to choose who he or she wishes to be with regardless of race or religion.

Margaret Thatcher has said, "No other nation has successfully combined people of different races and nations within a single culture" (19). Our government has been able to lead through example of what true diversity signifies. This country was created with the objective of establishing a role model for other countries to follow and see that freedom does exist. It cannot be denied that America has had a dark history regarding slaves and the torture many African Americans were put through. Today, the advances of a nation have been seen worldwide since Barrack Obama was elected by the people into office. I believe that having a black president shows the world that race and color can never be an obstacle in the United States. Sonia Sotomayor is another proof of how a diverse culture is seen through the American government. She has become the first Hispanic and third female justice to serve on the Supreme Court. Not only do people in other countries view this as a sense of hope towards change in their own land but Americans do as well. As Schlesinger states, "My impression is that the historic force driving toward 'one people' have not lost their power" (21).

Diversity is also felt through education. America is one of the few countries to provide free public education to students across the nation. There are no special requirements for anyone to have this privilege. A Hispanic has the same right as a Caucasian to attend the same school and have the same opportunities towards success. In an American classroom a person can find females, males, Hispanics, African Americans, Europeans and Asians in one single room. In colleges and universities the story remains the same. Professors all come from different places around the world and therefore their teaching techniques vary. This allows students to be exposed to different teaching methods that enable them to be prepared for the real world and its diversity. The college campuses consist of students from all age groups and ethnicities. Yet again, as Schlesinger



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