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American Case

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The Europeans came to what we now call America and just caused mayhem on what was working. Columbus came and met people that were living here, known as the Mongolians back then, but now the Siberia. I just never understood why he got credit for discovering America.

In the south, the Mesoamericans were an organized group. The Mayan people were even more sophisticated than them with a form of written language. When the Mexica arrived on the scene and they had a wrapped sense, for which they thought to please the gods they should satisfies a human being.

The earlier settlers of the pre-United States were the Woodland Indians. They were primitive in their ways. The man would hunt and provide, while the woman took care of the kids and cooked. I believe some households today follow that same concept.

When Columbus first started in his voyages, the Portuguese society would not back him. He was forced to get Spain's help and approval for his adventures. It was Spain that allowed him to sail with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. As Columbus sailed he discovered multiple islands that were habited. He would capture this people and bring them back to Spain to be slaves. The first people he brought back he called them Indians.

Many Native Americans got very sick after coming in contact with Europeans. A few years later some total tribes were extinct because of the invaders. The Natives that survived the plague were able to trade agricultural produce vegetables with the Europeans for sugar and bananas. It was later on that Europeans got greedy and wanted all the crops and makes the natives work for them.

In the 1500s, after Spanish worked the natives to death, they decide importing Africans against their will as slaves to work the fields. It was the opposite with the French when they came. They worked with the Natives and had a peaceful, family-like environment.



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