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American Diversity

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Today, the America is racially and ethnically diverse country as it contains a large-scale population from different nations. In American history we came to know the vast majority came here that brought their culture with themselves. In the world there is no other place that has such a diverse population. America is what that the diversity makes it. Ethnic and racial backgrounds can be beneficial or a burden. Ethnic and racial identities are always the source of pride or shame. These ethnic groups work hard and boost up the America economy.

The reason why a majority of Asian immigrated to America was to find work. Asian Americans had contributed in United States culture and society. They worked as small merchants, farmers, grocers, domestics. In 1865 they worked as railroad workers. In 1952 legislation passed that people of all races are allowed to become the U.S citizens. Today, the fastest growing ethnic group is Asian Americans in the country. This group has the higher income than any other ethnic group. A large numbers of Asian American children are studying in the top universities of America.

The concept of melting pot comes from the 1908 play. America is known as a 'melting pot', as it always welcomed new people, races and religions. People came here in search of better life and new opportunities to live a better life. Today, the trend is toward the multiculturalism, not assimilation. Melting pot is where people from different ethnic backgrounds and religious values are processed until their previous identities are melted away and blended into a new uniform product.

After 1970 the old 'melting pot' metaphor is giving a way to new metaphors which is also known as 'salad bowl' or 'mosaic', mixtures of various ingredients that keep their individual characteristics. It allows people to live with their own cultural values.

The American mosaic is different concept of cultural and regional identities. It allows each one can live with its own characteristics. Sometimes American's think of them as not belonging from a particular ethnic heritage but belonging to a geographical region.

I think melting pot reflects the experience of various cultural groups. In earlier people use to adopt the environment they are living in and that made easy for them to live in a different country though some people didn't find it good. As mosaic now allows everyone to live in his own ways according to his ethnic and racial identities.


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