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American Identity

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Essay Preview: American Identity

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                                                        Name _____An Le__________

1. Our first Government: The Articles of Confederation

2B. Articles of Confederation

1. In what year did the 2nd Continental Congress pass the Articles of Confederation? 1777

2. What year was the Articles of Confederation ratified (approved) by all states? 1781

3. What things did the Congress under the Articles of Confederation have control over?

        A. diplomacy

        B. printing money

        C. resolving controversies bt different states

        D. coordinating the war effort

4. Why was it difficult for our new government to maintain the Continental Army? Because the central government’s power was quit limited.

5. How did the organization of the Congress demonstrate the primacy of state power?

        A. each state had one vote

        B. nine out of thirteen states had to support a law

        C. Any changes to the Articles themselves would require unanimous agreement

        D. one-state, one-vote rule

        E. no executive and no judicial organizations

6. Why would the Congress have no power to collect taxes? The central government had no power to raise its own revenues through taxation.

2C. Evaluating the Congress

1. What was the central failure of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation?

Fiscal power

2. What was one diplomatic success under the Articles of Confederation?

Unquestionably a major alliance with France

3. What was one major issue regarding territory acquired after the Revolutionary War?


4. What were the 3 parts to the Northwest Territory?

        A.  Ohio

        B. Indiana

        C. Machigan

3A. Shay’s Rebellion

1. What were the conditions that led to the first major armed rebellion in the post-Revolutionary United States?

         - Americans resisted ___high taxes__________ and ____unresponsive government_____


2. How was Shays' Rebellion similar to the American Revolution?



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