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American Psycho

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1. Patrick Bateman:

He has a psychologist condition, some will call him a psycho but we think he has schizophrenia. He is a narcissist. He easily gets jealous, on people who has better or more expensive things than he has. He wants things to be extremely clean. He loves music and has a wide knowledge about the group. He is 27 years old, he went to Harvard and he works out a lot, to keep is body in shape. He also uses many facial products. He uses drugs.

He is a human, but his mind is disturbed. He seems evil all the way through the movie, but in the end there is something humanity about him.

2. The first quote supports that Patrick is a psycho, he is a human, but with no feeling or personality.

The second quote it shows some human-behavior because he is actually thinking about his behavior as a psycho. He feels something, but it is only negative things.

The third quote shows he is using his job as a facade, just like his body is a facade and the social part of Bateman is acting.

3. Mostly upper-class with expensive things. When he is killing people it is at lower-classes.

4. It is a first person narrative.

He is reliable when he is human (characterizing himself), but unreliable when he is a psycho.


* Emotionless

* Loneliness

* Fa├žade

6. The message is "Don't judge the book on its cover." So other would know.

7. That people are fake. Or the way Patrick has become.

8. Because he is an American and he is a psycho - therefore American Psycho. We don't have any better guess on the title.

9. The text have several things in commend, but the main thing is The Facade they all wear.



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