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American Psyko

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Documentation for module 4: Big City Life.

Answer the following questions in a text of about 200 words.

Write a summary of ’’Tuesday’’ in about 150 words:

 ‘’Tuesday’’ by Bret Easton Ellis is a chapter from the novel ‘’American Psycho’’. It revolves around the life of the protagonist Patrick Bateman, who is a man from New York. Patrick are going to a black-tie party with his friends, there he have a quick encounter with Courtney, a woman with whom he is having a secret affair. Patrick leaves the party and on his way out he deliberately avoiding the crowd of people, who also is leaving the party. Patrick have a plan of his own. When Patrick walks down the antique district, he notes a black homeless man, who have a big label that reads that he is hungry and homeless.  Patrick kneel down to the man, present himself, and ask him, if he need any money. Patrick regret and decide to assault the man with a knife, and leave the man badly wounded with a coin. Patrick choose to eat at MC Donald and apparently he get away with the stabbing without any penalty.

Explain with 50 words why you like or dislike the text:

I dislike the text because Patrick denigrates the homeless man they way he did and the following meaningless violence to the homeless man, who is completely helpless. Patrick don’t get any consequence or show any form for remorse, that makes me angry especially because people can do something like that to poor innocent people.



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