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Amish Facts

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Most do not use electricity.

Do not take pictures.

Believe in wearing simple clothes of 1 color.

All Amish believe in God.

Men do not believe in cutting their beards and women do not believe in cutting their hair.

Children go to school up until 8th grade, then work for the family.

Do not own cars-must have another person driving them around.

Good craftsman-most make own furniture

Men are required to wear hats and their outfits have NO zippers, only buttons.

Ladies must wear head covering and use pins to pin their dresses.

Ladies must wear their hair up.

Believe in practicing modesty in all they do, especially appearance.

Because of religious beliefs, women are to wear long dresses that are down to their ankles, and aprons that cover most of their bodies. They must never wear their hair down, and must have it wrapped tightly in a bun with a covering over it.

Because of religious beliefs, men are to wear shirts with buttons, and either pants or overalls. They are to keep hair in a bob cut and to wear a hat. These customs were made by the Amish church and if they are broken, they are breaking the law of the church.

There are also very very very many more Amish facts and this is veryhelpful if doing a compare and contrast essay with Amish culture in it. I only listed a few Amish things, but there are plenty more out there! They also have very many differences in their laws and beliefs.



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