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Peter Singer Writes of Equality of All Animals - "equality Is a Moral Ideal, Not a Simple Assertion of Fact"

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Essay Preview: Peter Singer Writes of Equality of All Animals - "equality Is a Moral Ideal, Not a Simple Assertion of Fact"

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Peter Singer writes of equality of all animals. "Equality is a moral ideal, not a simple assertion of fact."

Animals should have rights of equal consideration. Singer notes Bentham's writing, which points to a vital characteristic that gives a being rights to equal consideration: the capacity for enjoyment and the capacity for suffering. Animals should have both capacities. Singer goes further to say that we are guilty of speciesism. "Experimenting on animals, and eating their flesh, are perhaps the two major forms of speciesism in our society." He further blames contemporary philosophy for our beliefs of superiority over other species.

Michael Allen Fox writes of the Moral Community and the individual rights of its members. He states that other species do not have autonomy, "animals fail to meet the conditions specified for full membership in the moral community and likewise fail to qualify for having rights." However, even if animals fail to meet the conditions for membership in moral communities, they lack autonomy, "they nevertheless fall within the most immediate extension of the moral community and as such are subject to its protection."

I once read that we should bless the fear out of a piece of meat before we eat it. It's interesting to think that what was present in an animal before it was killed would be present at the time of our consumption. I really hate my fellow humans when it comes to the ways animals are treated. Animals are all loving creatures of God. Animals should have rights and be protected. It would be crazy to say that animals are equal to humans but we should protect, respect, and show them kindness. "Morality requires that we should treat two creatures the same unless there is some general and relevant difference between them that morally justifies a difference in treatment." What could morally justify slaughter houses? Yes animals are different from us, but morally they should be treated as the gifts from God that they are. The fact that they can suffer speaks volumes. "Creatures deserve moral consideration if they can suffer. Since many non-human animals can suffer, then they have moral status, they have interest we should morally consider.



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