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An Observation and Analysis of "mcdonalidzation" in Everyday Life

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Essay Preview: An Observation and Analysis of "mcdonalidzation" in Everyday Life

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Memo 1: An observation and Analysis of "McDonalidzation" in everyday life

The social service organization that I observed was Planned Parenthood. I went to this organization with a friend who had a doctors appointment and then was picking up her birth control. The clinic had a very clean and sterile feel to it. The chairs were plastic with a small cushion on the seats. There were magazines in the waiting room and an area for kids to play while adults were waiting.

It is a very formal environment. Once you walk into the door you wait in line behind a sign so that the person currently talking to the nurse has confidentiality. There are not any feedback forms and the nurse seemed to be relaxed in what she was doing even with a waiting room full of people. There is also a place where if you are just picking up your birth control you can fill out your name and your birth control and sit down so you don't have to talk to the nurse. While I was there it appeared to be very organized and efficient as soon as someone walked in they waited in line filled out the form than sat down and the nurse would get their birth control. When a payment was made it was right at the counter and the patient received a receipt.

The nurse's behavior was very relaxed, but she also didn't seem to be in a rush even though she had a waiting room full of people. I don't know the other work that she had to do but for awhile it seemed like she was just doing paper work and not even getting to the people in the waiting room. I was at Planned Parenthood for over an hour and it seemed like it was at least a 30 minute wait for what the patient needed. Everyone that I was watching seemed to be there for either birth control or a doctors appointment. The appointments seemed to be going at a good pace but for the people picking up it seemed like an unnecessary wait. I did learn however that there is a call ahead which will take the time away from your wait if you call a day in advance.

The system seemed to run in a Bureaucracy fashion. The patients would see a doctor who would then prescribe medication to them which then they would get from the nurse. Every employee was specialized. The office was very structured to be efficient.



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