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Psychology and How It Pertains to Everyday Life

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Essay Preview: Psychology and How It Pertains to Everyday Life

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Psychology and how it pertains to everyday life

In everyday life I see psychology being used. It's used when interacting with other, when talking to teachers, and when playing sports. In this essay I will explain how psychology is used in my life every day.

During the day I can see people adjusting their wants and needs to fit in and be a part of a social group. Sometimes people only eat lunch when their friends eat lunch because they don't want to eat alone. They will wait so that they can fit into society and won't look like an outcast. Also people in certain social groups wear certain styles and have types of clothes to fit in with each other. In a specific group, people may wear cowboy boots and Jeans while another may wear shorts and Nike shoes. They do this so that they can fit in and have friends.

Secondly, when playing sports, you use psychology. You must understand what the others want to do and you should know your teammates emotions and the emotions of the other team. For example, you're going to want to know if your teammate is getting angry and about to lose his temper during the game. You're going to want to bench that player so that he doesn't get a penalty or foul. Again when playing sports, you are going to want to know if a player isn't feeling well at the beginning of the game, because if they play then you may not do as well when you could have used another player.

In conclusion, psychology is used in everyday life. You use it whether you recognize it or not. Psychology is the study of human behavior and the way the mind works and from what I think, that is a very difficult thing to understand. Even though it is used every day, it is still a hard subject and it is a very interesting subject to study and learn.



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